Our Aim

Houston in Motion is a collaboration between The Firestarter Group, a local nonprofit focusing on social enterprise, and Dr. Yehuda Sharim, a Kinder Scholar at Rice University.  Our work has expanded to include leadership from all resettlement agencies in Houston, student organizers from Rice University, social activists from a diversity of migrant communities, and local refugee service organizations.  Together, our mission is to build comprehensive processes for reforming the system of refugee resettlement in Houston and making tangible change to support the work of local refugee community groups across the city.  We have been pursuing these objectives by developing a centralized digital directory of local organizations, running events with refugee communities across Houston, and supporting the production of artistic works depicting new migrant experiences.

Our Team

Yan Digilov, The Firestarter Group, Community Inquiry  E-mail

Dr. Yehuda Sharim, Kinder Institute Scholar, Creative Director E-mail

Abbigail Vandersnick, Media Editor

Tamara Thompson, Development Support

Rice University Student Organizers

Viviano Solano, Sociology ’18

Adam Jordahl, Religious Studies, Sociology, ’17

Sophia Erhard, Environmental Policy Studies, ’18

Vincent Nguyen, Sociology, ’18

Lauren Williams, Sociology, ’18

Collaborating Refugee Resettlement Agencies

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

YMCA International

Catholic Charities

Refugee Services of Texas

The Alliance for multicultural Community Services

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